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Dominate local search results with an innovative SEO strategy, built around your business goals. Vine Digital’s specialists have decades of experience in local SEO, and an in-depth understanding of Google’s local search algorithm. Invest in your business’s long-term growth with the power of local SEO.

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Why Local SeO?

Success in local SEO is all about where you appear in search results compared to nearby competitors. Local SEO is highly valuable: with 80% of local searches leading to a conversion. With a local SEO strategy custom built with your business goals in mind, you can outsmart other businesses as you win rankings on the local search terms that count. As you climb up the organic listings, you will drive more and more qualified leads to your physical sites, whether you’re running a retail phone franchise or a family medical clinic. Your growth will compound month on month, resulting in an ever growing return on investment. Having a stronger organic presence than your competitors is vital for business success.


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Our Local SEO Strategy

For years, Vine Digital’s team of experts have been refining their local SEO strategies. Here’s how we’ve implemented successful campaigns for local businesses—whether it’s across multiple branches or focused in one location.

Step 1 Local SEO Audit

Step 2 Goal Setting & Planning

Step 3 Strategy Proposal

Step 4 Execution & Reporting

Step 1

Local SEO Audit

Our specialists evaluate your website’s SEO profile to understand your current level of authority and traffic. We audit previous SEO work done, including existing local keyword rankings. Next, we check whether optimisations are required on your Google My Business account, or create a new account: as well as running an implementation check to ensure that your name, address and phone number (NAP) are correctly implemented on your website and in citations across the web. Additionally, we’ll conduct a benchmark analysis and ensure we have access to Analytics and Search Console data.

Step 2

Goal Setting & Planning

We intertwine our understanding of the business with SEO specific goals. At Vine Digital, we are all about setting benchmarks for success, so we have a mutual understanding of what to expect from the campaign. We conduct competitor analysis and define the keywords to be targeted. Which keywords describe the business best? Which has the highest search volume? Keyword research helps our specialists understand how to reach your business goals.

Step 3

Strategy Proposal

Once we’ve defined our partner’s business objectives and KPI’s, we propose a mid-term or long-term SEO strategy with a monthly breakdown listing all deliverables. First, we prioritise the tasks that will have the largest impact in the shortest amount of time. These tasks can include GMB page optimisations, NAP implementation, citation fixes and acquisition, and content strategy. Our strategies are focused on what matters the most, and are tailored to each partner’s niche and budget.

Step 4

Execution & Reporting

Month on month, we work towards meeting the monthly goals outlined in step two. Early in the month, our specialists report on the work done, work planned, and on the performance of the strategy. We are constantly monitoring industry changes and performance, to help us optimise the website in the long-term. During our monthly reporting call, our specialists will not only share what they’ve achieved; they’ll also be transparent about how they’ve achieved results, with an emphasis on education.

Why Partner With Us?

Here’s why our clients continue to work with us.


Industries Expertise

Our experts understand your industry’s landscape and regulations, and know how to rank for industry relevant topics.


Operational Excellence

We’re forever refining our internal systems and processes, using bespoke workflow tools to ensure a superior product.


Bespoke Solutions

Every health and fintech business has its own needs and goals, and your strategies should reflect that.


Innovative Services

Our strategists are constantly upskilling and staying on top of the latest shifts in the digital market.


Our Clients Are Our Partners

We want you to be so impressed with your results, you’ll want to continue working with us.


Transparency Every Step of the Way

We empower our partners with knowledge, so you can have as much insight on your strategy as you’d like.

Client Success Stories

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increase in conversions

Content Marketing Seo

Alula S-26 is a baby and infant formula retailer, but their share of voice in organic search didn’t reflect their place in the market. Vine Digital helped increase qualified traffic, sales and keyword rankings. Read more.

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increase in organic traffic

CRO UX/UI Web Design & Development

Stingose sells first aid products for stings and bites. After achieving strong results with SEO, Vine Digital was asked to do a redesign. Our specialists overhauled the website’s UX/UI and CRO, leading to a 450%* increase in organic traffic. Read more.

Partner logo



increase in organic keyword ranking

Content Marketing Seo

Dementia Australia supports people living with dementia and their loved ones. The healthcare niche has rigorous SEO guidelines; with Vine Digital’s help, their website became a valuable traffic source. Read more.

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increase in revenue

CRO Seo UX/UI Web Design & Development

When Sleep Republic approached Vine Digital, they had recently commissioned a new site. Unfortunately, it wasn’t giving them the exposure they deserved. Our SEO, UX and CRO services brought about a 700%* increase in revenue. Read more.

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increase in organic traffic

CRO Seo UX/UI Web Design & Development

When ChildFund came to us, their website was largely unserviceable. The non-profit required a complex set of features. With our help, the client saw an 115%* increase in organic traffic. Read more.

Partner logo



decrease in cost per click

Paid search

Dermeze sells a range of products, formulated for dry and sensitive skin. After engaging Vine Digital to help navigate the regulatory landscape on Google Ads, the client saw a 38.47%* decrease in cost per click. Read more.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve got questions about local SEO and how we do it at Vine Digital, check out our frequently asked questions below.

What is local seo?

What is local seo?

The goal of a local SEO strategy is to help customers in your area find you. Local SEO draws some practices from SEO, but is more focused on ranking in local search results—which is driven by a different algorithm to regular search engine results pages. To find out more about what local SEO involves, check out our guide to local SEO.

Does My Business Need Local SEO Services?

Does my business need local seo services?

Well, we have two questions for you. Firstly, do your customers search for your business or products using search engines? Secondly, are you a local business? In other words, do you operate from a physical location or service at least one specific area? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then yes. You would benefit from local SEO.

During a brief consultation, we will be able to recommend whether our local SEO services would benefit your business, or whether a different form of SEO or digital marketing would bring a better return on investment to solidify and convert leads into sales.

How Long Does It Take To See Local SEO Results?

How long does it take to see local seo results?

Your local SEO campaign will generally bring about clear improvements within the first 3-6 months. However, some short term wins could help you boost your rankings in local search results early on; for example, by claiming your Google My Business Listing. Continual local SEO rankings take more time and effort, resulting in long-term benefits to your local business. Local SEO can be likened to compound interest, with benefits building on each other over time. For example, one of our oldest clients’ organic traffic tripled over five months with a local SEO strategy (SEO results are in orange!).

Do You Guarantee Return On Investment?

Do you guarantee return on investment?

No agency can guarantee immediate ROI. There are some areas of local SEO that are unpredictable and outside of our control: this is typically linked to regular search engine updates.

Our goal is to help our partners in achieving key business goals, and to achieve maximum ROI. We will work tirelessly with you to achieve great results, and optimise your website within a search engine’s algorithm and normal user behaviour. Our team has an enviable track record of which we are very proud

Do you tie us to a contract?

Do you tie us to a contract?

We prefer working with clients for at least 12 months. This is so that our abilities can be fully demonstrated, as well as the full potential of local SEO. It also allows our partners to compare our achievements year-on-year. We have a 30-day cancellation policy that can be triggered at any point. This puts the onus on us to continue providing great work and results every month—a standard our digital marketing professionals are more than happy to meet.

Why has my traffic been declining? How do I turn it around?

Why has my traffic been declining? How do I turn it around?

This could be one of two problems:

1. Sharp, sudden traffic decline?

You have most likely been hit by a penalty from a search engine. This is usually the result of a local SEO strategy that goes against the search engine’s latest guidelines, which has led them to place you under penalty and remove you from search results. This can easily be fixed, but it does take time to get the search engine to trust your website again.

2. Steady decline over a long period?

Part of the problem may be that your site is not well optimised. This includes problems with the technical build of the site, the content on your site, the link building aspects, and the design of your site. It could also signify a problem with your data analytics tracking. To fix these problems, our local SEO specialists will take a careful look at the state of your website and improve on each of these facets, starting with those that need the most work. The good news is that this sort of work is our bread and butter, so it is definitely possible to get your traffic back.


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“Vine is the best, hands down. They are highly adept at challenging your thought processes and strategy, and go above and beyond to ensure you’re happy as a client, which is demonstrated in the results they deliver (this is a results-based business after all)! I’ve already recommended them to several businesses and will recommend them to anyone who asks.”

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