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115% increase in organic traffic for international charity organisation

When ChildFund came to us, their website was largely unserviceable. The non-profit required a complex set of features. With our help, the client saw an 115% increase in organic traffic.

Case Study at a Glance

  • ChildFund Australia approached Vine Digital for help updating their CMS, and integrating some new branding. When our development team accessed the backend, it soon became clear that larger changes were needed.
  • Vine Digital provided UX/UI, SEO, CRO and design services, which resulted in an easy-to-use website and an 115% increase in organic traffic.

ChildFund Australia is a non-profit organisation, with a focus on reducing poverty for children in disadvantaged communities around the world.

Vine Digital provided web design services, to help the client’s website service a range of user needs.

Key Challenges Solved

When ChildFund engaged our services, they needed help updating their CMS. They also wanted to integrate some new designs on the website, to coincide with an upcoming campaign launch. On delving into the backend, our web developers soon realised that this was no simple task.

Being an independent international organisation, ChildFund required some complex functions on their site. Such features included child sponsorship, gifts to be sent to various countries, repeat orders, and customised recommendations.

ChildFund had gone through several digital managers and development teams: each with their own ways of managing a website of this scale. The result was a tangled web, which was near impossible for the client to work through. To make matters worse, their traffic was showing signs of decline because of this.

Raising this issue with ChildFund wasn’t difficult, as the current team knew they had inherited a largely unserviceable website.


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Elmo Stoop

CEO | Vine Digital – Sydney, Australia

Our Solution

Our recommendation was to start from scratch. And so, we did! Our specialists ensured that the UX/UI, design, SEO and CRO was in the best shape possible—as well as ironing out those issues in the backend.

We suggested WordPress/WooCommerce as the best CMS for ChildFund. For years, they had used Drupal. As much as Drupal is a fine CMS, we were much more confident that WordPress and WooCommerce could handle the client’s needs.

The end result was an easy-to-manage website in a simple CMS: with a clean and professional new design. The takeaway? Keep your CMS updated! Plugins and CMS versions have regular releases, so it’s essential to install them and keep everything ticking over. Otherwise, you’ll get to the point where the website can’t be cleanly updated without a complete overhaul.

Business Impact

Upon launching the website, ChildFund’s traffic recovered and continued to grow. Within twelve months, it had grown by 115%; it still grows to this day.


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