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For health and fintech brands, paid advertising can generate a stream of qualified leads—perfect for your product. In today’s digital landscape, advertisers can take advantage of advanced targeting; tapping into an unprecedented amount of data. When managed by an agency with experience and expertise, paid channels offer an efficient way to get a high return on investment. Whether it’s search advertising, social media or programmatic, Vine Digital can build your business a custom strategy to help you meet your objectives.

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What is Paid Media?

There are many channels and platforms available to advertisers: but which is right for your business? While the best way to discover this is through a free consultation, it can help to understand what types of paid advertising we offer. At Vine Digital, we hire specialists who are the best in their niche: so you can rest assured that your campaign will win out against competitors, whichever method is right for your goals.


Paid Search Ads

Paid search ads are text-based. Advertisers bid on certain keywords, in order to appear at the top of that search engine results page. This is an efficient way to attract users searching for terms relevant to your business, as you only pay if your ad is clicked on.

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Paid Social Ads

If you’ve seen ads on social media platforms, you’ll know what paid social ads look like. These are published by the website rather than Google, and appear in dedicated spaces on your target customer’s feed. This differs from organically posting on your brand’s account.

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Programmatic & Media Buying

Programmatic advertising is a real-time way of purchasing ad space. With programmatic technology, your ad will appear across devices and platforms: following your audience throughout the buying funnel. Buy ad impressions, all in the time it takes for the user’s page to load.

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Maximise your online store’s success with our comprehensive eCommerce solutions. We blend SEO, paid media strategies, and expert design and development to boost sales and enhance user experience for your eCommerce site.

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Ad Creation & Analysis

Your ads play an integral role across all paid media platforms, whether it’s display banners, social creatives or video content. We conduct ongoing creative analysis so your ads stand out against your competitors.


Google Shopping & Performance Max

Increase your targeted reach and sales with Google Shopping & Performance Max campaigns. Our specialists use a tailored approach to ensure you maximise your product visibility and ROI.

Paid Media for Health Brands

Unlock the potential of Ireland’s health and pharmaceuticals market with Vine Digital. We have decades worth of experience navigating this landscape, plus the know-how to help you become an industry frontrunner.

Don’t let your competition get ahead of you – take advantage of all that paid media has to offer and rest easy knowing it is HPRA compliant. An opportunity awaits: make sure yours won’t be missed.

Paid Media for FINTECH Brands

Vine Digital has a vested interest in emerging technologies and NFTs, and understands the importance of paid media for this niche.

With our specialists’ expertise, our fintech partners generate ongoing leads, awareness and growth on social platforms—all while meeting the regulatory requirements for finance-related ads. Stand out and leverage Vine Digital’s specialist expertise today.


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“I strongly recommend Vine Digital.”

“They have a team of talented members who are a pleasure to work with and that will do their best at all times to deliver outstanding results. They have helped us design and develop a new website in a smooth and straightforward process that exceeded our expectations. We are looking forward to continue working with them in improving our digital presence.”

Bruna Baeta

Brand Manager, Banana Boat

“EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS every single time.”

“Vine have been an integral part of our small marketing team and managing our SEO and Google search and display ads – the way the projects are managed is spectacular, and the delivery of our website was well above our expectations. We’ve recommended Vine’s services to several businesses, and look forward to working on even bigger projects in the future. Thanks once again for being the core of our digital team.”

Arjun Vasan

Head of Marketing, Lebara Mobile

“A must for any growing business.”

“Vine is the best, hands down. They are highly adept at challenging your thought processes and strategy, and go above and beyond to ensure you’re happy as a client, which is demonstrated in the results they deliver (this is a results-based business after all)! I’ve already recommended them to several businesses and will recommend them to anyone who asks.”

Robin Marchant

Head of Marketing, MedicalDirector
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