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450% increase in organic traffic for well-loved first aid brand

Stingose sells first aid products for stings and bites. After achieving strong results with SEO, Vine Digital was asked to do a redesign. Our specialists overhauled the website’s UX/UI and CRO, leading to a 450% increase in organic traffic.

Case Study at a Glance

  • After achieving solid results with SEO, Stingose engaged Vine Digital for a website redesign. The client’s existing site showed a lot of potential, but it lacked clear user pathways.
  • Our design and development team got to flex their UX and CRO muscles, as they optimised Stingose’s user experience and interface.
  • Following launch, Stingose’s website generated a 450%* increase in organic traffic.

Stingose sells first aid products for stings and bites.

Their gels and sprays provide fast relief from pain, itching and swelling—and their market is generally Australians who spend time outdoors, whether hiking, camping or simply adventuring.

Key Challenges Solved

After achieving strong results with SEO, the client approached our specialists to implement a redesign. Stingose has a lot of potential for creative design, and our team had a lot of fun exploring the various avenues. Stingose’s original design showed promise in its quirky header banner: but the rest of the site left a lot to be desired. Most importantly, the old site lacked a distinct pathway for visitors. The user experience was impacting the client’s conversion rate.


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Elmo Stoop

CEO | Vine Digital – Sydney, Australia

Our Solution

Sometimes, it’s not about creating new content: it’s about using what you’ve got in a different way. Based on robust data analysis, we restructured and reformatted the website. With this improved site architecture and design, we were able to better appeal to the target audience. We created clear pathways throughout the user journey, and enhanced the customer’s experience by adding more features to the homepage, and more pages to the website. This included a store locator, which allowed the user to easily purchase Stingose at a store nearby.

Business Impact

With some reorganisation, Stingose’s website had an entirely refreshed look and feel—leading to a 450%* increase in organic visitors. In the 12 months following campaign launch, Stingose gained six new rankings in top 3 positions.


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