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500% organic traffic increase for trusted Australian baby formula

Alula S-26 is an established retailer of baby and infant formula, but their share of voice in organic search didn’t reflect their place in the market. Vine Digital helped increase qualified traffic, sales and keyword rankings.

Case Study at a Glance

  • Alula S-26 has been a trusted brand of formula products for 60+ years, but they weren’t reaching new audiences in organic search.
  • Vine Digital conducted keyword research focused on the needs of young mums, before planning and executing a content strategy.
  • Educational content led to increased rankings, which resulted in more qualified customers purchasing on the site.
  • 300%** increase in organic keyword ranking.
  • 200%* increase in organic traffic.

“I’ve been working with Vine Digital for over a year now and enjoy working with the team! They’re a dedicated team that strives for results.”

Amanda Skwarko

Brand Manager, Alula S-26

Alula S-26 is a well-known infant formula, and has been trusted by parents for over 60 years.

They approached Vine Digital for help growing their brand, so they could scale more easily online. Their presence in Google’s organic results was lacking and their website was struggling to take off.

Key Challenges Solved

The market for baby and infant formula is highly regulated and competitive. To grow via digital channels, an experienced agency is essential—they are well-equipped to navigate advertising regulations, while promoting a point of difference, all in one custom strategy. Especially in the health field, audience trust is essential: and the formula industry has faced many roadblocks over the years.

The goals of the campaign were multifaceted: and targeted the same main objective from various angles. The client’s primary KPI was growth in brand awareness to young Mums.

Other on-site target KPIs included:
  1. Increasing free product sample requests.
  2. Increasing clicks to external purchasing websites (e.g. Chemist Warehouse) from their website.
  3. Increasing registrations to their Mum’s Club (which is, among other things, an automated email sequence sharing useful content for young mums).

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Elmo Stoop

CEO | Vine Digital – Sydney, Australia

Our Solution

To achieve these KPIs, we conducted the following steps:


Keyword Research

To build brand awareness for the most relevant and profitable terms, our research focused on multiple groups of keywords, including: branded terms (e.g. S-26 Gold), generic terms (e.g. infant formula) and informational terms (e.g. mixed feeding).


Content Marketing

For the first segment of the campaign, we identified and developed our content marketing angles. Based on these content pillars, we published many useful and relevant articles written around the needs of our audience.



As a result of ongoing optimisation, Alula S-26 began to rank highly in organic search. This drove many relevant visitors to the site, leading to a 200%* increase in organic sessions over time. As the majority of new users were in the client’s target audience, a dramatic increase in significant actions resulted on the website.

Business Impact

As a result of our SEO services, Me and My Child gained increased recognition from their target audience. Most importantly, our work resulted in a 500%*** increase in significant actions taken on the website.


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