Google Rating

SEO: S-26 Infant Formula

Key Achievements

  1. 2X increase in organic traffic*
  2. 3X increase in organic keyword ranking**
  3. 5X increase in significant actions taken on website***


S-26 is a well-known infant formula range that came to us to grow their brand further and scale it better online. Their presence in Google’s organic search results was poor and their website was struggling to take off.

The goals of the campaign were multi-faceted. The main objective was to grow the knowledge of their brand and their uniqueness to young mums, ultimately leading to product sales. On-site target KPIs included:

  1. Increasing free sample requests
  2. Increasing clicks to purchasing websites (E.G Chemist Warehouse) from their website, and
  3. Increasing registrations to their mum’s club (which is among other things an automated email sequence sharing useful content for young mums)


To achieve these goals from organically driven sessions we identified and targeted multiple groups of keywords. These included branded terms (E.G “S-26 Gold”), generic terms (E.G “infant formula”) and informational terms (E.G “mixed feeding”).

For the first segment of the campaign we picked content marketing angles and published many pieces of useful, relevant content for their audience. With ongoing optimisation, these content pieces ranked highly in organic search driving many relevant visitors to the site and contributing to the 200%+ increase in organic sessions over time. As the users were in the target audience their engagement with the site was very constructive and lead to a dramatic increase in significant actions taken on the site.

As S-26 has been a client of Vine Digital’s for over 4 years. We have, in that time, pursued a large number of projects and SEO initiatives. These include UX/design improvements, content marketing, eCommerce product content architecture, outreach initiatives, technical SEO and many others.

S-26 was one of the first clients of Vine Digital and has remained our client since the beginning. We have been proud to service their SEO needs for over 4 years.

*measured from the beginning of campaign to peak, a period of 2+ years. Growth was consistent throughout that time.

**measured from beginning of campaign to peak, using SEMrush’s aggregated organic ranking metrics

***measured from Google Analytics goal completions