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SEO: Sleep Republic

Key Achievements

  1. 700% increase in revenue*
  2. 6 keywords on page 1 to 39 on page 1**
  3. <50 visits to >1000 visits per month***


Sleep Republic came to us in January 2016 asking for help with SEO. They were a new and exciting company with an amazing product, but sales were poor. It was quickly apparent that the real issue was that their website was badly designed and without consideration of any of the essential digital design disciplines (CRO/UX/SEO).

In fact, the website they presented to us was brand-new. Built in Shopify and launched in December 2015, the site offered a workable (just about) e-commerce solution but failed to deliver in many aspects.

Sleep Republic had commissioned a dedicated design agency to build this website, expecting an aesthetically-pleasing site that accurately represented their brand and drove sales, but they were unfortunately left wanting.

We had to be honest with them: their new website wasn’t fit for purpose. But we knew we could help.


We Designed and built a completely new website that did justice to the product and the brand. Knowing we had free reign to design the website from the ground up, we implemented best-practice SEO across the site including URL architecture, on-page header structuring, optimal content theming and optimisation, and a content expansion strategy.

Allowing us to utilise all our SEO, UX, and design skill-sets will always bring the best possible results.

*information garnered from client

**SEMRush’s keyword tracker over a six month period

***SEMRush’s traffic aggregator over a one year period