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The power of programmatic is its omnichannel nature. In today’s digital marketplace, brands can advertise on a range of platforms and channels. Programmatic advertising allows you to target audiences perfect for your product, as you use advanced targeting to reach your niche user across various touchpoints. With the help of Vine Digital, you can create holistic customer journeys which lead to increased conversions and brand awareness with relevant audiences.

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Why Programmatic?

In 2021, programmatic ad spending in Ireland reached just over 904 million EUR. It was projected to increase to nearly 1.5 billion by 2026. What is it about programmatic that has digital marketers so excited? Programmatic marketing gives you pinpoint accuracy when it comes to targeting your ideal customer, taking into account their interests, demographics, browsing activity and shopping habits.

Our team of experts at Vine Digital are here to make sure your campaigns really hit home with people – they’ll find new publishers that have the perfect premium inventory for you so there is a greater selection of platforms available. This way we can help ensure that ads appear exactly when and where they need to be in an increasingly crowded market – leading to more accurate forecasting and better results overall.

Programmatic & Media Buying for Health Brands

Programmatic advertising is typically underutilised in the health and pharmaceutical space, with the industry only accounting for 1.7% of programmatic ad spend. With a programmatic strategy and the support of an expert, you can become a trailblazer in the industry—beating out your competitors as you increase your market share across channels. At Vine Digital, we understand the intricacies of creating programmatic strategies for health businesses. As a specialist agency who understands the regulatory environment, we are passionate about helping our partners stand out with clever and efficient programmatic campaigns.

Programmatic & Media Buying for FINTECH Brands

Innovation is at the heart of the finance and technology industries; this makes programmatic advertising the perfect fit for brands in this space. In fact, programmatic is built to handle the pace of what you do. With real-time monitoring and automated bidding, programmatic advertising can help you ensure that you’re ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving marketplace.

Our specialists are literate in emerging technologies—from cryptocurrency and NFTs to the metaverse and the latest and greatest programmatic strategies. At Vine Digital, our goal is to help our fintech partners continually dominate across platforms.


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Our Programmatic & Media Buying Strategy

For years, Vine Digital’s team of international experts have been refining their programmatic advertising strategies. Here’s how we’ve implemented successful campaigns for some of the world’s leading players in the health and fintech fields.

Step 1 Account Audit

Step 2 Set Up

Step 3 Monitoring

Step 4 Optimisations

Step 5 Reporting

Step 1

Account Audit

We conduct a thorough audit of your current paid media accounts. This is to understand what you have done in the past, including what’s worked for you and where there may be opportunities for improvement. If you haven’t got an account, don’t worry: we will set one up for you.

Step 2

Set Up

The set-up process draws on details from the account audit. We conduct further audience targeting research to collect behavioural, demographic, third party, contextual and location data. Based on this, our specialists formulate a strategy to meet your goals within your budget. Once we have the strategy confirmed, we build your campaign including GIF or image content.

Step 3


Once the campaign is live and running, we begin monitoring the results through conversion tracking. This allows us to better understand your audience and their online behaviour, as well as further highlighting any barriers in the customer journey.

Step 4


At Vine Digital, our specialists are bold in their tactics and testing. In the fast-paced arena of programmatic, we’re always ready to learn where we can capitalise, and where we can improve. We’re always striving to improve the performance of your campaigns by first understanding the data.

Step 5


Each month, we provide a detailed report on the results of the campaign—and meet with you to unpack this and hear your feedback. This includes tracking of key metrics and trends over time, which further informs our bidding strategy going forward.

Custom Programmatic Advertising Services

Our paid advertising expertise reaches far and wide; we’re constantly growing and deepening our service offering. Check out some of the custom paid strategies that Vine Digital offers.


Landing Pages

You’ve created a programmatic media buying strategy; you’ve paid for the user’s click; and you’ve lost them at the finish line. As a Vine Digital partner, this will never happen. Our specialists are masters of conversion, drawing on data and expertise to produce effective landing pages designed to win conversions.


Video Creation

Videos make up about 82% of all consumer demand—with 72% of B2C brands planning to invest in video in 2022. With video, you can spread your brand message across YouTube and other platforms. Vine Digital’s specialists are here to help you execute with impact, from concept through to production and distribution.


Creative Analysis

Ad creatives play a key role in programmatic results. In a creative analysis, our specialists will ascertain which parts of the content have caused certain results: with the goal of amplifying the creatives that consumers respond to the most.


A/B Testing

In programmatic advertising, A/B testing is invaluable. By testing different aspects of your campaign, you can better understand how to market to your niche. From running different ad creatives to tone and messaging, A/B testing can give you data worth its weight in gold.


Audience Analysis

Audience data sets programmatic advertising apart from other channels. With the help of our specialists, you can harness the power of this data to target relevant audience segments with your ads. Maximise brand awareness with an audience analysis today.


Retargeting Ads

If a customer has visited your website or left something in their cart, there’s still a way to reach them! Retargeting allows you to build a pool of users, who you can target across channels and platforms with custom ads.


Placement Analysis

Placement is important when it comes to programmatic advertising. With an in-depth analysis of ad placement and website inventory, you can rest assured that your campaigns are appearing before the right people, in the right place.


Competitor Analysis

The world of programmatic advertising is fast-moving: it’s essential to stay ahead of the curve. To help you do just this, our specialists will conduct an in-depth investigation: analysing other brands who compete for a share of your audience’s attention.


Paid Media Strategy

Vine Digital takes a holistic approach to paid media strategies, whether you’d like to focus on one platform or multiple channels. Not only does this help you achieve your specific business objectives much faster: you can amplify your brand’s USPs with custom messaging and targeting.


Conversion Tracking

Not seeing results from your campaigns? Our data analysts can help you understand why; they’ll dive into the data to discover what’s working, and what’s not. Conversion tracking is the engine behind all successful programmatic strategies – as it maximises clicks and sales.



Maximise your online store’s success with our comprehensive eCommerce solutions. We blend SEO, paid media strategies, and expert design and development to boost sales and enhance user experience for your eCommerce site.

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Ad Creation & Analysis

Your ads play an integral role across all paid media platforms, whether it’s display banners, social creatives or video content. We conduct ongoing creative analysis so your ads stand out against your competitors.


Google Shopping & Performance Max

Increase your targeted reach and sales with Google Shopping & Performance Max campaigns. Our specialists use a tailored approach to ensure you maximise your product visibility and ROI.

Why Partner With Us?

Here’s why our clients continue to work with us.


Industries Expertise

Our experts understand your industry’s landscape and regulations, and know how to rank for industry relevant topics.


Operational Excellence

We’re forever refining our internal systems and processes, using bespoke workflow tools to ensure a superior product.


Bespoke Solutions

Every health and fintech business has its own needs and goals, and your strategies should reflect that.


Innovative Services

Our strategists are constantly upskilling and staying on top of the latest shifts in the digital market.


Our Clients Are Our Partners

We want you to be so impressed with your results, you’ll want to continue working with us.


Transparency Every Step of the Way

We empower our clients with knowledge, so you can have as much insight on your strategy as you’d like.

Client Success Stories

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Paid search Programmatic & Media Buying

LexisNexis is a global data analytics company. Servicing over 175 countries worldwide, LexisNexis wanted to reach business audiences through paid search and programmatic advertising. Vine Digital helped the client achieve a 75% increase in leads. Read more.

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increase in organic keyword ranking

Content Marketing Seo

Dementia Australia supports people living with dementia and their loved ones. The healthcare niche has rigorous SEO guidelines; with Vine Digital’s help, their website became a valuable traffic source. Read more.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve got questions about programmatic advertising and how we do it at Vine Digital, check out our frequently asked questions below.

What Is Programmatic Advertising?

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising is an automated method of buying and selling ad space across devices and platforms. In real-time, advertisers can use programmatic technology to bid on, and purchase ad impressions—all in the time it takes for the user’s page to load. Programmatic ads can appear on TV, radio, streaming services, billboards and display ads, as well as Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube and more. While traditional advertising saw marketing managers needing to contact these individual publishers to propose and negotiate ad placements and prices, programmatic has replaced this practice, by placing all available advertising space in one automated marketplace.

How Does Programmatic Advertising Work?

How Does Programmatic Advertising Work?

Programmatic is a form of paid advertising that uses an auction exchange to navigate supply and demand. What this means is there are two stakeholders: publishers who sell ad space on their websites or devices, and advertisers who want to buy ad space.

For advertisers, campaign goals, time slots, audience data and budget is added to the backend of the demand side platform. Programmatic advertising companies like Vine Digital can help you set bids and ad spend limits, and target certain audiences with the help of AI.

Here’s a rundown of what happens in the space of a few milliseconds, as an end user clicks on a webpage and waits for it to load:

1.  The click sends a notification to the ad exchange, telling the server that there’s an available ad slot.

2. The ad server notifies the supply side platform of a potential buyer, unless a guaranteed buy has been secured.

3. All the advertisers bid in an ongoing auction to purchase the ad slot (via the demand side platform).

4. The algorithm determines whether your ad “wins” the space—based on your budget and other data. If you win the action, your ad is displayed where it will receive the most engagement.

What Is RTB?

What Is RTB?

RTB stands for Real Time Bidding: the process of buying ad space is real-time. Algorithms use RTB to automate your purchase, based on preset parameters on placement, ad space and more.

What Is The Difference Between Remarketing And Retargeting?

What Is The Difference Between Remarketing And Retargeting?

The two terms are often confused, as they have similar purposes. However, they achieve these goals in different ways. Retargeting automatically targets users who have interacted with your business online in the past. Relying on cookies, retargeted ads are placed by third-parties—and can occur across the Google Display Network and programmatic advertising locations. Remarketing, however, usually takes the forms of emails.

What Are The Benefits Of Programmatic Advertising?

What Are The Benefits Of Programmatic Advertising?

If you haven’t moved into the programmatic space, you’re likely falling behind your competitors and as a result, missing out on many potential customers. Programmatic digital ads are becoming more and more common, and there’s a good reason many businesses (including your competitors) are jumping on the bandwagon:

  • It’s much more cost effective than traditional methods because it’s based on supply and demand.
  • You can account for multiple channels, devices and mediums simultaneously and build widespread brand awareness.
  • You can set more targeted parameters to ensure you’re reaching the right users.
What’s The Difference Between PPC And Programmatic Advertising? Which Should I Use?

What’s The Difference Between PPC And Programmatic Advertising? Which Should I Use?

Both are digital advertising strategies, but they work differently. PPC involves bidding on keywords for ad placements in search results (Google Ads) and other locations on Google’s Display Network. It’s a great way of building traffic to your website. Programmatic, on the other hand, enables you to buy advertising space across the web, driving brand awareness at scale. The location of your programmatic ads will depend on what the demand side platform offers.

These two methods work best together as a holistic paid media strategy, as you can target users through all stages of the buying funnel. Vine Digital uniquely offers both services in-house. This means we can help you build a complete paid media strategy and streamline your paid marketing efforts.

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

Every programmatic advertising strategy is different; the time it takes to see results will depend on the goals you’ve set for the campaign. As the AI spends approximately five days in learning mode before the project launch, you’ll likely see increased traffic and clicks to your site after one to two weeks. For an impact on conversions, results generally surface after about a month.


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“They have a team of talented members who are a pleasure to work with and that will do their best at all times to deliver outstanding results. They have helped us design and develop a new website in a smooth and straightforward process that exceeded our expectations. We are looking forward to continue working with them in improving our digital presence.”

Bruna Baeta

Brand Manager, Banana Boat

“EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS every single time.”

“Vine have been an integral part of our small marketing team and managing our SEO and Google search and display ads – the way the projects are managed is spectacular, and the delivery of our website was well above our expectations. We’ve recommended Vine’s services to several businesses, and look forward to working on even bigger projects in the future. Thanks once again for being the core of our digital team.”

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“Vine is the best, hands down. They are highly adept at challenging your thought processes and strategy, and go above and beyond to ensure you’re happy as a client, which is demonstrated in the results they deliver (this is a results-based business after all)! I’ve already recommended them to several businesses and will recommend them to anyone who asks.”

Robin Marchant

Head of Marketing, MedicalDirector
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