Google Rating

WEBSITE DESIGN: Tanya’s Tadpoles

Key Achievements

  1. 56.20% YoY increase in organic users
  2. 46.19% YoY increase in organic sessions
  3. 14 new keywords in top 10 positions on Google


Tanya’s Tadpoles is Vine Digital’s oldest and most precious client! They’re a great little business that travel to homes to teach babies and kids to swim in their own pools. We’ve worked with them for nearly 5 years and it’s a pleasure to have taken such a journey with them.

We have redesigned Tanya’s website three times in that period. It’s not because we failed in previous attempts, it’s that web design and UX standards move so fast and we want our clients to keep up. Our latest redesign for Tanya proved one thing to us: website design can bring serious improvements in SEO results without the need for ‘actual SEO’.


We have been performing SEO for Tanya’s Tadpoles for years and the site was already in a good spot. They needed a ‘reskin’; a pure design/aesthetic upgrade and nothing else. We’ve long suspected that Google values these attributes, and a recent conversation with a senior Google executive confirmed that design alone was ‘extremely important’. We didn’t specifically aim to put this to the test, but the results spoke for themselves.


Design is critical!

Website-specific digital marketing isn’t purely about technicalities, it’s about accommodating users and providing an enjoyable experience. We take pride in letting the data do the talking, and in most cases, it really is the be-all-and-end-all, but some things still rely on intuition, experience, and an excellent understanding of what Google wishes for its own users.