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400% growth in organic traffic for trusted visa experts

AustraliaMigrate first approached Vine Digital for SEO services: but the campaign began with a complete website redesign. Strong design and UX/UI is essential to SEO and in this case, led to a 400% increase in organic traffic.

Case Study at a Glance

  • AustraliaMigrate first approached Vine Digital for SEO services. They were looking to reach qualified leads in organic search: but it soon became apparent that their website would need a redesign, to bolster any results we achieved.
  • As a result of our work, AustraliaMigrate saw a 400% increase in organic traffic. This goes to show: when specialists in different disciplines collaborate, the probability of high ROI will grow.

AustraliaMigrate is a migration agency based in Sydney.

They are visa experts, who help their target audience migrate to Australia. Though AustraliaMigrate approached us for SEO, our SEO campaign began with a website redesign. Website design and UX/UI are essential to ensuring that organic visitors convert.

Key Challenges Solved

AustraliaMigrate engaged Vine Digital’s services as they were looking for ways to attract more qualified leads. Their target customer is the prospective visa-seeker: we designed and implemented a new design to appeal to this market.

Following the redesign, we continued to produce various pieces of content for different landing pages: performing technical SEO tasks and outreach.


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CEO | Vine Digital – Sydney, Australia

Business Impact

In the long-term, combined SEO and design efforts led to a dramatic improvement in AustraliaMigrate’s organic search visibility–with a 220%* increase in organic traffic. Additionally, Vine Digital achieved a 400%** increase in organic keyword ranking, and a 280%*** increase in leads.


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