Google Rating

WEBSITE DESIGN: Australia Migrate

Key Achievements

  1. 2.2X increase in organic traffic*
  2. 4X increase in organic keyword ranking**
  3. 2.8X increase in leads driven to the business


Australia Migrate is a small migration agent based in Sydney. They came to us looking for solutions to drive more leads for their business from prospective visa-seekers.


Our SEO campaign began with a website redesign: because website UX and design is an important part of both SEO and user conversion. After the redesign we continued to produce various pieces of content for different landing pages, performed technical SEO tasks, content marketing and outreach. This combination of ongoing efforts lead to a dramatic increase in their organic ranking, organically driven traffic and leads to the business

*measured from the beginning of campaign to peak, a period of 1+ year. Growth was consistent throughout that time, with performance peaking quickly from quite early on

**measured from beginning of campaign to peak, using SEMrush’s aggregated organic ranking metrics

***measured from Google Analytics goal completions