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22 new keywords in top 3 rankings for well-known SIM provider

Lebara Mobile originally had two websites: one for eCommerce, and one for informational content. The client approached Vine Digital for assistance merging these domains, into one easy-to-manage platform. With our help, Lebara gained 22 new keywords in top three rankings.

Case Study at a Glance

  • This web design formed the foundation of Lebara’s relationship with Vine Digital, as we collaborated with the client to achieve a significant uptick in traffic following the merger.
  • Specifically, Lebara saw a 23.13% increase in YoY users and a 43.58% increase in YoY sessions.
  • 23.13% increase in YoY users.
  • 43.58% increase in YoY sessions.

“Vine Digital manages to exceed expectations every single time. Vine have been an integral part of our small marketing team. The way the projects are managed is spectacular, and the delivery of our website was well above our expectations.”

Arjun Vasan
Head of Marketing, Lebara Mobile

The Australian wing of Lebara has been running for many years.

When they originally launched their brand here, they had two websites: and

Key Challenges Solved

When Lebara first approached Vine Digital, they were going through a rebranding process. Lebara wanted to consolidate both websites into one easy-to-manage platform. The new website would have one domain, and one seamless user experience.

Lebara operates in a competitive digital marketplace, selling mobile plans. was their eCommerce platform run through Magento; was a WordPress brochure website, designed to provide informative content.

While the separate two domains was a business decision at the time, it created a disconnect in the user journey. We were tasked with recommending an optimal CMS, as well as improving the design and UX while accommodating their new branding. As with all migrations, we needed to retain both domains’ SEO traffic while giving the client greater control over their content. Quite the challenge: but this type of complexity is where we shine.


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Elmo Stoop

CEO | Vine Digital – Sydney, Australia

Our Solution

We knew Magento was overkill for what Lebara offered. Magento is a great platform for huge eCommerce stores, but Lebara’s product line consisted of a dozen or so mobile plans and SIM cards. We advised that WordPress and WooCommerce were the most sensible choices for a CMS. These platforms would also be more easily managed by the client.

Website design and UX was of critical importance in this campaign. Both of the previous websites were looking very dated, and this was impacting their digital marketing presence. The new branding had a very slick aesthetic, but needed to be showcased on an equally impressive site.

Once the design was completed, our specialists continued to make SEO tweaks as we managed the migration. Merging two domains has the potential to harm traffic numbers; when we conduct a migration of this scale, traffic preservation is a key KPI.

Business Impact

This campaign was a great example of the way we collaborate with our clients. It was crucial that we understood Lebara’s business objectives; once we did, we were able to achieve great results throughout the migration. Our united vision certainly shows in the final product.

The merging of two domains increased traffic by a significant percentage—as 22 new keywords ranked in the top three results of Google. This type of success is testament to our team’s abilities, to achieve great results in both technical and marketing aspects.

“We’ve recommended Vine’s services to several businesses, and look forward to working on even bigger projects in the future. Thanks once again for being the core of our digital team.”

Arjun Vasan
Head of Marketing, Lebara Mobile

This campaign formed the foundation of our partnership with Lebara as a client. Vine Digital provided authoritative opinions, while taking the time to listen to their own business goals. The best client/agency relationships are those that form an equilibrium of expertise: where the various stakeholders bring things to the table that others cannot.

No project is too complex: you just have to have the right people managing it. Quality full-service agencies will spend just as much time in consultation with you as they do on the task itself.

It’s this approach that allows us to cover all bases in complex areas like website migrations.


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