Google Rating

SEO: LexisNexis

Data Highlights

  1. 2.8X increase in organic traffic*


LexisNexis is a large legal research firm who came to us for SEO services across multiple countries. Their goals were to increase keyword ranking and organically driven traffic across their major service landing pages for their core services. Vine Digital has worked with LexisNexis for many years.


In this specific campaign, we focused our energy on generic, high-level and high search volume keywords about terms relevant to their core services. We built out informational content and landing pages that catered for user intent and presented valuable information for prospective clients, as well as performing outreach to grow the authority of those pages. The result was greater search visibility and greater overall performance. In the timeframe of the campaign the targeted landing pages experienced almost triple the amount of landing traffic compared to before.

* For targeted pages within the scope of this campaign