What’s a Good Conversion Rate … here’s how you can get it

4th Sep, 2020
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Ruth Chapman
Group Managing Director

what is a good conversion rate

There’s always talk of boosting conversion rates, but how do you know when you have a good conversion rate? Here’s how you can tell if your conversion rate is high, which can tell you a lot about how your website and business is growing. As the Vine Digital team will tell you, even the highest conversion rate can always be made better.


The Takeaways

  • Go big or go home. Changing a font colour will only bring you small gains. Test 10 landing pages with large differences to find your winner.
  • Boost conversions and lead quality with focused, strategic changes. Don’t test more, just test smart.
  • A ‘good’ conversion rate is different for every industry.
  • Find what resonates most with your user. Be outlandish and qualify leads while you test multiple offers.
  • Bin conversion roadblocks by changing the flow of your landing page.
  • Remarket to users who showed intent but didn’t convert.
  • Ditch your low performers and focus on the top 10% of pages earning 80% of traffic.
  • High conversion rates mean nothing if the leads you’ve generated aren’t quality ones.

What is a Conversion Rate?

Conversion rate is the percentage of users on your page that end up converting. It’s a key part of any paid or organic search effort: in fact, it’s pretty much the entire point of advertising on Google. If you’re not turning a high number of window shoppers into buyers, why are you pouring money into your ad spend or website? Conversion rate is a quantifiable way of maximising your ROI. It allows you to find the sweet spot where the largest possible amount of prospects are taking action.


What’s a High Website Conversion Rate?

Spoiler alert: it’s higher than you think. Let’s start off with some simple statistics.

  • The average conversion rate across industries is 2.35%.
  • The top 25% pages have their users convert at 5.31% or more.
  • The top ten-percenters sit at 11.45%.

So if you’re shooting for the stars (and why wouldn’t you be?!) 3%, 5% and 10% isn’t as high as you think it is. An improvement from 2% to 4% might seem like a jump (I mean, you doubled your conversion rate), but you’re still stuck in the average.

Breaking into the top 10% is perfectly attainable, though. Even if you’re sitting at 5%, you’re outperforming 75% of competitors – but you still have room to grow!


Here’s How to Get a High Conversion Rates

First off, forget conversion rates. We know, we’ve just spent an entire article telling you why they’re important, and that there’s no point advertising if you don’t have a good conversion rate! While high conversion rates are great at face value, it costs you money to convert less qualified leads.

Focus on the following optimisations, which help you generate quality leads, rather than just a higher percentage. You can replicate these tests on an ongoing basis.


Test 10 Landing Pages to Find Your Winner

You should be testing, on average, four unique pages with different offers, flow and copy, to find the single best landing page that will see your conversions reaching 3-5 times the average conversion rate.

You don’t have to make thousands. Just ten. Focus your energies on your top performers, and scrap the pages that aren’t performing. How can you improve them? Quality over quantity, always.


Find the Flow That Works for Your Users

Most of the time, you’re in your own way without even knowing it. Get rid of any unnecessary information, as this will just overwhelm the user. A good user experience encourages conversion. Keep the flow of your page simple, or let the user determine it so that they feel that they are in control.

When you change the flow in a way that suits your interests, you can qualify leads and segment for future remarketing and lead generating purposes.


Get Creative With Your Offer

High performing pages have one thing in common: the offers stand out. By setting yourself apart from your competitors, you’re positioning your brand as innovative and ahead of the pack. Industries typically have a default “offer”: a free consult. A free trial.
But coming up with something unique is easier said than done, otherwise, everyone would be doing it. First off, determine whether your current offer is cutting it:

  • If your conversion rate isn’t going above 2%, you’ve still got work to do.
  • Ask your customers what they want. This may surprise you.
  • Brainstorm and test more creative offers. You’ll never know until you try them out.


[Conclusion]: If you need help optimising your conversion rate, the team at Vine Digital is experienced in testing and engineering a page for growth. Give us a call to find out how we can help you grow beyond the average, into the percentile where the true competitors are playing.

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