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Elmo Stoop

CEO | Vine Digital – Sydney, Australia
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Elmo Stoop has worked in digital and media marketing for over two decades. Being responsible for the growth and development of Vine Digital, Elmo is the core of our team of experts—playing a key role in the continued success of our clients. Elmo is a passionate leader and Bitcoiner, and loves to educate brands in the health and fintech sectors on how they can grow online.

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Define Your SEO Goals

One of the most important steps of any SEO strategy is defining precise SEO goals. And surprisingly, this step tends to be overlooked by marketing specialists and sometimes by SEOs as well….

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10 min read

How to Measure Marketing ROI

Truth: any marketing campaign that doesn’t provide value to a business is a waste of time, money, and effort. For this reason, it is important to evaluate campaign performance, so you know…

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