Cillian Bracken Conway
18th Jul, 2017
A recent Total Audience report from data analyst firm Nielsen Media Research revealed that Gen-Z now comprises 26% of all media consumption. Gen-Z is those born between 1997 and 2015, with the oldest member now 20 years old. It’s been found that they watch less conventional TV than, a surprisingly low number of just 8 minutes per day accessing the internet via ‘traditional’ computers. Mobile is no longer the future, it is the now. Adding millennials into the equation brings the number up to 48%, meaning nearly half of all internet browsers are aged 37 or under at the time of...
Cillian Bracken Conway
13th Jul, 2017
google search analytics missing
Following an update on their data anomalies page, Google announced that new users who signed up to Google Search Console between 21 June and 10 July 2017 experienced data loss. According to the tech giant, “All first-time Search Console users who joined Search Console during this period will be missing site data during this period”. (Photo by Search Engine Land, SEOs and webmasters who recently signed up and verified properties will not see data for the 20-day period when the data...
Cillian Bracken Conway
11th Jul, 2017
smx paris 2016 gratuit
Vine Digital was at the SMX conference in Paris on the first and the second of June 2017. This event is probably the most complete and complex expo dedicated to the search marketing industry. In 2016, we went to in Sydney's SMX, this year we went to Paris and we have learned a lot. I have selected and summarised the most important information that I believe any person working in the search industry should know. Mobile Index First - Be prepared for it Mobile Index First is probably the most important Google update since Panda or Penguin have come up. Google won’t use its Desktop...
Cillian Bracken Conway
10th Jul, 2017
google menu tab
Looking for restaurants on mobile has just become more convenient with the addition of the Menu tab on the local panel. Google has added a new tab that allows users to access a particular restaurant’s menu. (Credits: Photo by Search Engine Land; For as long as the Google can pick out menu items, the Menu tab will appear on a restaurant’s local panel. This means not all food establishments may have them, although many restaurants already come with this feature. The Menu tab appears next to the...
Cillian Bracken Conway
28th Apr, 2016
dna molecules digital data storage
Microsoft is investing in an advanced and high-tech way of storing data for the long-term with synthetic DNA. The company has asked synthetic biology start-up Twist Bioscience to custom-create strands of DNA with a specific sequence of letters that the company has provided. One gram of DNA can hold about 1 Zettabyte of data with an almost infinite shelf life.
Cillian Bracken Conway
26th Apr, 2016
gmail setup with exchange
Google is updating Gmail app on Android to add support for Microsoft Exchange on all devices. Exchange will now be added to a list of email accounts that Gmail supports, which users can just add to their mobile app. The move serves to remedy one of the app’s shortcomings, and make Gmail a well-rounded email option. Google also updated Drive on the web, adding a notification function on Chrome.
Cillian Bracken Conway
21st Apr, 2016
amp powered pages
AMPlified articles are making their way to Google’s mobile site and Weather and Google News apps. The updated version will show a carousel of AMP-backed stories that people can open and navigate quickly with just a swipe. The move is seen to increase mobile clicks and encourage publishers that have yet to adapt AMP. AMP-backed version of Google News is available in the English US edition, for now.
Cillian Bracken Conway
19th Apr, 2016
google play music integrate podcast
Google has added a new podcast section in Google Play Music for easy distribution of podcast episodes and to expose people to the medium. Shows will be delivered in a contextual manner the same way music is presented to users. Podcasts are provided based on a user's interest and preferences. The new section is now available to Android users. iOS users would have to wait.
Cillian Bracken Conway
14th Apr, 2016
quick action windows 10
Microsoft is working to introduce improvements and better features in the Windows 10 Redstone build for both mobile and PCs. The changes aim to improve user experience, going as far as introducing a new collection of emojis that are unlike those available in Android and iOS. With Redstone still under development, users can expect more improvements in the near future.