Cillian Bracken Conway
21st May, 2020
guide to ecommerce
In the current climate, making the move to eCommerce makes sense. According to 2020 statistics from IbisWorld Irish eCommerce is expected to hit €3.8bn by 2024. Doing it right is important, as it will create many opportunities for your business. But what’s a good plan without a solid base? If you’re thinking about eCommerce, here’s what you need to consider.
Cillian Bracken Conway
30th Mar, 2020
small business
In my experience, small business owners fall into one of two categories. Some are right on top of the newest trends in marketing—digital, social, Adwords, the works. There’s not a marketing buzzword they won’t throw at you in a meeting. The rest are experts in their field and just want to get on with the business of doing what they know best. “Website?” they ask, “yeah, I think we’ve got one of those”. Which category do you fall into? Well this article is for you! Yes, it doesn’t matter which one you are. That’s the whole point. (Made for a nice intro...
Cillian Bracken Conway
11th Mar, 2020
man and woman cartoon
If you search for “SEO company” or similar on Google you will get a barrage of paid ads that look something like this: And it makes my blood boil. SEOs cannot guarantee rankings. Any agencies that do provide such promises are peddling lies to prey upon gullible businesses that simply do not know better. Internet marketing is still a complex and puzzling world for those who did not grow up with it. It’s understandable that the agency that promises results, maybe even going so far as to offer a money-back guarantee (these are scams, just so you know), will always seem more...
Cillian Bracken Conway
26th Feb, 2020
ball bouncing
If there’s one thing my clients love talking about, it’s bounce rate. Clients getting excited about anything in analytics is great, unfortunately, I tend to see a bit of over-emphasis on this one metric. So let’s dive into when you should focus on it, when you should not, and, finally, yes we will talk about what a good bounce rate actually looks like (warning: you won’t like my answer). What is bounce rate? Makes sense to start with the basics, right? In very basic terms, bounce rate is the proportion of visitors who land on a page, then leave without clicking on...
Cillian Bracken Conway
17th Jun, 2019
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising websites so that they appear higher in the "organic" (free) listings in Google search results. SEO can be a very effective channel in driving patient visits to medical centres, as patients often search for medical centres in their area using Google and Bing. This article goes over some useful tips and strategies for medical centre practice managers and staff to start the process of optimising their websites to achieve success in SEO. 1. The Business Case -- How Important is Search Marketing for Medical Centres? Let's take a...
Cillian Bracken Conway
31st Oct, 2018
In my career I have been titled Content Marketer, Content Strategist, Content Specialist, and Content Guru. And I’m here to tell you: STOP PRODUCING CONTENT Here’s why. “A rose / by any other word would smell as sweet” – William Shakespeare, Content Marketer When exactly did “writing” start being “content”? Has anybody asked JK Rowling why Harry Potter is such successful content? Where are the essays celebrating the brilliance of Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn content strategy? And where are we with the long-running search for Shakespeare’s elusive...
Cillian Bracken Conway
10th Jan, 2018
In a highly competitive and constantly shifting online space, a solid, agile digital marketing strategy is key to staying ahead of the pack. But having the latest insights and content management tools is no longer enough. To enjoy ongoing success, you need the expertise to maintain a long-term, ever-evolving strategy – with inbound marketing at its core. Here’s what you need to know for online success in 2018. Common struggles for online businesses Talk to any digital marketing manager or business owner in the online space and they will describe one of two common struggles:...
Cillian Bracken Conway
28th Nov, 2017
Last week, I had a conversation with an investor looking to invest in an unnamed digital agency. He seemed like a genuine guy, though his intentions were clearly financially motivated--obviously a good thing for an investor--but there was a thorn in my side from the start of the conversation. I knew I was speaking to a potential competitor, albeit a complete newbie to the industry, and he only had one goal for this chat: extract as much industry knowledge out of me as possible for his own gains. I should have dismissed him, kept my mouth shut, and politely sent him on his way. But I...
Cillian Bracken Conway
8th Nov, 2017
Websites are rarely a case of “build it and they will come”. But crafting websites is not the scary new discipline that many have come to believe it is. Attract Still trying to adapt your prehistoric methods to the digital age? Consider this:   Pre-internet Digital Version High-street shop Website Word-of-mouth Review sites & social media Newspaper advertising Display advertising Traditional press release Online PR & Outreach Radio advert Digital media advert TV advert YouTube advert   I come across so many...