Cillian Bracken Conway
19th Oct, 2020
thing user hate
Have you ever gotten lost on a website? It’s frustratingly common on a poorly designed website. You endlessly hammer the back button in the hopes that it’ll take you back to Google, and away from this site you’ve been unable to navigate. Not exactly a good experience for the user, and not something you want users to be doing on your site. But there is a solution (and an incredibly simple one at that), which many people don’t make use of - breadcrumbs! Breadcrumbs can be an important part of your website, guiding the user clearly where you want them to go. Here’s how we recommend...
Cillian Bracken Conway
25th Sep, 2020
Creating a 404 page is not at the top of anyone’s list as they design a site. The goal is for the user not to see your 404 page at all, so why would you pour a design budget into a page that ideally will never be seen? Well, 404s do happen. At best, they result in one annoyed user. At worst, you’ve got one less customer. No matter how much time and effort you put into making sure your website never (ever, ever, ever) has downtime, there’s always the chance that it might. Here are the Vine Digital team’s top tips for catching your 404s and turning those error pages into a...
Cillian Bracken Conway
16th Sep, 2020
clickable ctas
While a call to action (CTA) may seem like the simplest element on the page, in actual fact, there is planning, testing and thought behind that rectangle with text on it. In its prime, a strong CTA button generates conversions. At its worst, users can have all the desire in the world to procure your offering. They’re searching for the button to seal the deal, and they can’t find it. They hit the back button and find a similar product - most likely a competitor. CTA buttons are the gateway to conversions. So how do you consider its important element and take the steps to ensure...
Cillian Bracken Conway
11th Sep, 2020
What is SEO or Search Engine Optimisation? SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a digital marketing strategy used to get your website well positioned on the search engine for terms that are important to your business generating audience and sales. It covers which keywords and terms you are using on your website pages, the quality of the content on your website on google's´ eyes and how well users respond to the website and its pages in terms of experience. It is a long-term strategy that is very different from social media or PPC (pay per click).   If you want you can read more...
Cillian Bracken Conway
7th Sep, 2020
copy that catches attention
To write strong, user-orientated copy, it’s important that you first understand the user. While you may think the user will want to read every word you have to say, the truth is this: they will only extract what’s relevant to them. We’re selfish, busy creatures after all. With that in mind, let’s dive into the best ways to make your copy more readable so you can get your brand’s message across with meaning and effectiveness. An understanding of the user, as we said, is crucial. So what does the typical user look like?   They’re likely to read about 28% of the...
Cillian Bracken Conway
4th Sep, 2020
what is a good conversion rate
There’s always talk of boosting conversion rates, but how do you know when you have a good conversion rate? Here’s how you can tell if your conversion rate is high, which can tell you a lot about how your website and business is growing. As the Vine Digital team will tell you, even the highest conversion rate can always be made better. The Takeaways   Go big or go home. Changing a font colour will only bring you small gains. Test 10 landing pages with large differences to find your winner. Boost conversions and lead quality with focused, strategic changes. Don’t test...
Cillian Bracken Conway
26th Aug, 2020
How to Optimise Your Landing Page
So you’ve drawn the user in with carefully matched keywords, expertly crafted ad copy, and they’ve clicked on your PPC ad. Well done you have succeeded at step one in your Google ads campaign, but what you really want is for that customer to convert. There’s no point spending money to send users to a page where they can’t easily take the action you want. Here’s how to increase your chances of conversions and optimise your post-click landing page for a maximum return on ad spend. A PPC landing page is defined as the page a visitor arrives at after clicking an ad, whether it be...
Cillian Bracken Conway
20th Aug, 2020
Core Vitals
To keep its 1.7 billion users coming back day in and day out, Google has to provide the best service to its users. That’s why hundreds of factors (known as ranking signals) play a part in deciding which content best answers a user’s query. To make the most of this vast sea of qualified customers, website owners must adhere to a set of metrics to score and maintain a place in search engine results. Here’s what you need to know about the algorithm change coming in 2021: core web vitals. While everyone seems to be talking about it, it’s also confusing to a lot of people. So...
Cillian Bracken Conway
17th Aug, 2020
web font
In the age of print, Times New Roman was the font that reigned supreme. But as business owners gained access to a library of fonts at their fingertips, choosing a font became a whole lot more complicated, especially in the world of digital. The font on your website can say a lot about your brand and if done well, can increase conversions. Here is a guide on how to pick the Google fonts that reflect your business digitally while being user-friendly.   Find Your Why   Fonts and typography can play a big role in reflecting your business and brand. When you select the right...