Cillian Bracken Conway
23rd Apr, 2021
Friday the 13th is always revered and joked about, but Friday the 13th of March 2020 is one “Friday the 13th” I’ll remember for a very long time to come. Due to COVID-19, markets panicked globally. The following Monday, we held a team meeting to announce we’d be working from home due to growing concerns in Australia. Thinking we’d be back in the office in a month or two was naive, in hindsight… We all know what happened in the months after that. Black swan events tend to change your mindset pretty quickly. Coincidentally, our management team had jotted down a black swan scenario...
Cillian Bracken Conway
21st Mar, 2021
So you’ve braved the blank page, and you’ve written a draft. Well done! That’s often the hardest part. But the job isn’t over yet; you still need to edit your work, to ensure you’re publishing the best content possible. Whether it’s a blog post, social media post or article for your website, great content is within your reach. These tips and tricks will help you take your content marketing efforts to the next level, giving your content an immediate facelift and improving the overall user experience of your site. Quick Tips to Improve Your Content Write with the audience’s...
Cillian Bracken Conway
25th Feb, 2021
Vine Digital Ireland Named by Clutch As a Top SEO Company in Western Europe
Clutch, a respected B2B platform, has just awarded its top SEO companies in Western Europe. We at Vine Digital were lucky enough to be one such company.  Vine Digital is all about helping businesses establish and amplify their brand voice, with the goal of scaling digitally. Our team is not just creative; they are focused on the end goal. For this reason, we’ve been able to assist startups in their building stages through digital. For us, it’s very important to strike a perfect balance between play and passion. SEO requires incredible attention to detail and accuracy to achieve...
Cillian Bracken Conway
25th Nov, 2020
google vs bing ads
  If you’re advertising on Google, do you need to be on Bing as well? This is just one of the questions you may have as you decide where those advertising dollars are best spent. While Google dominates as the most-used search engine in the world, Bing is becoming an increasingly close second. Here’s why the Vine Digital team believes that it’s best to use both, capitalising on the unique benefits offered by each. Google needs no introduction for anyone marketing themselves online. With billions of users turning to the search engine for answers to their questions on a...
Cillian Bracken Conway
24th Nov, 2020
page one of google
  Dear Sir/Madam,  We have noticed your website is not ranking in position #1 on Google. We can help you get there. We get these kinds of emails on a weekly basis, and as an SEO company this humours us. But for business owners, hearing this day in and day out can be daunting. And let’s be honest - SEO is a ‘nice to have’ for most small to medium businesses. But right now, you need more revenue and more sales. So let’s speak honestly - how important is it really to get your website ranking in the top spot? What’s it like, you might ask those at the top of...
Cillian Bracken Conway
17th Nov, 2020
how secure is your website
  A website without security is like a house without locks; if you don’t have it, you can’t really be too shocked when it gets broken into. Just like this real-life example, there can be serious implications for a website failing on the security front. For one, it could affect your results on Google, even getting you possibly blacklisted by the search engine. All things considered, website security is well worth the effort. So how do you make a website secure? Here are some tips and tricks to make sure your website is a fortress, so you can focus on boosting the quality of...
Cillian Bracken Conway
9th Nov, 2020
how to beat holiday rush
  As business owners, we’re heading into the busiest time of year. Black Friday, Boxing Day and Christmas can seem like looming events to ‘get through’ rather than being an opportunity to maximise sales and customer loyalty. While nobody can predict what a COVID-Christmas will look like, we do know that for the most part of 2020, customers have increasingly shopped online. By planning your festive campaigns early, you can avoid the chaos of this period. While shoppers seem to leave their Christmas shopping later and later, the early bird gets the worm when it comes to...
Cillian Bracken Conway
2nd Nov, 2020
website toolbox
  People expect imagery and text on a website: that’s simple. But how do you push beyond that simplicity, getting the user to engage? Well, engagement is a measure of UX. If your users are engaging, you can be certain they’re having a positive experience on your site. Website engagement tools make the user happier, and can be added with a little creative thinking and a little freedom granted to the designer.   How do you know if a user is engaging?   A happy user can be measured by the following: Page click throughs Conversions Responding to call...
Cillian Bracken Conway
23rd Oct, 2020
A solid SEO strategy can make a world of difference to your business, so it’s a smart move to seek the help of specialists. Some agencies are brilliant, some are average, and some give the entire business a bad name. How do you tell good from the bad, to find the right fit for your goals? You can ask these questions. These questions cut through the pumped up sales pitches and help you uncover what you need to know: whether they’ll respect you, communicate with you, and help you grow.   First, Ask Yourself These Questions Before you contact an SEO agency, you need to know...