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200% Page Speed Increase with Animation and Captivating Design

It’s no secret that the team at Vine Digital, a leading digital marketing agency, is fluent in the art of UI/UX and web design.

We’ve tackled challenging website renovations, complete with tailored integrations and customised plugins, technical constraints, impractical design demands and unreliable server configurations.

This made the redesign of our own website a uniquely challenging and exciting project to undertake.

Case Study at a Glance

  • Vine Digital is one of the premier digital marketing agencies serving Australia, New Zealand and Ireland. But alongside a brand and logo overhaul, the need for a website redesign was apparent.
  • Our team focused on UI/UX, performance and functionality, ease of accessibility and optimisations of existing pages.
  • Taking user preferences into consideration, we achieved success in the targeted areas of performance and speed, organic search traffic and conversions.
  • 200% increase in mobile speed.
  • 72% increase in conversions compared to previous year.
  • 149% increase in average session duration.

“As a company, we’ve grown. Therefore, the brand had to evolve and the website had to be updated to reflect our commitment to growth and excellence in all we do.”

Ruth Chapman
Vine Digital’s Group Managing Director

Key Challenges Solved

As Vine Digital’s brand and image underwent a comprehensive reinvention, our website also needed a transformation to reflect the new look.

Our existing content was dated and no longer represented our new brand identity. To spotlight the advancements we’ve made since the update, such as adding new services and publishing case studies, it needed to be revised.

We were also excited to flex our web design and UI/UX capabilities by redesigning the Vine Digital website with complete freedom, fully allowing us to showcase our team’s creativity and innovation.

Measures of Success
  1. Site Speed
  2. Overall Performance & Functionality
  3. Core Web Vitals
  4. Organic Search Traffic
  5. Conversions
  6. Session Duration
  7. Pages per Session

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Elmo Stoop

CEO | Vine Digital – Sydney, Australia

Our Solution

To achieve these KPIs, we conducted the following steps:


User Interface / User Experience Design (UX/UI)

We tailored the UI/UX design to make our content quickly readable and scannable. This helps our users effortlessly find what they are searching for without wasting time.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We wanted to improve our SEO by implementing updated keyword research, optimising and updating existing content, as well as conducting a general SEO check of the site as a whole.

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Web Design

With our new brand in place, it was essential to align our SEO, UX/UI and CRO throughout the design. A custom-built, dark theme was integral in the new site to accommodate user preference.

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Brand Style Guide

It was necessary to create a brand style guide in order to maintain consistency throughout our website and look. Our style guide highlights Vine’s core values that guide us through our operations.



The individual SEO, UX and CRO elements of our site were structured to ensure an optimal experience for both users and search engines.


User Journey

Through data collection, we formulated a simulation of our average user’s journey. We implemented this into an understanding of how, where and when to interact with users during their experience on our site.


Web Accessibility

We analysed our web accessibility to ensure that we are meeting the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) in order to rank and provide a positive web experience for our users.



Our animation integration was strategically used in both our branding and the website to captivate customers with an immersive experience that truly brings a story to life.


Paid Landing Pages

For our paid advertising strategies, we needed to optimise our landing pages through UI/UX and SEO best practices to increase clicks and conversions.


Localised Content

At Vine Digital, where we service multiple countries, we had to create and optimise our local landing pages and GMB posts to signal our service locations to search engines.


Complete Content Strategy

We continued to publish informative and helpful content, including new service pages, recent case studies, and innovative industry thought-pieces according to our complete content strategy.

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Business Impact

We’ve seen some incredible results from our efforts, particularly with respect to site speed (both mobile and desktop), overall performance, Core Web Vitals, organic search traffic, conversions, and more. This remarkable result is due to our commitment, research, trials and determination. More often than not, an agency can easily complete the bulk of a website design and demonstrate marked improvements.

The remaining 10% or so, however, entails nuanced refinement for both performance and security. It consists of the most difficult elements to correct, as well as some of the most critical elements for a functional, fast-running website. Many clients or managers tend to gloss over that remaining 10%, but our team’s persistence and humility drove us to put in extra effort. This resulted in a stunning website that exceeded expectations both technically and aesthetically.

If you strive for excellence in all aspects of your site, contact us for a website speed and security audit today.

Key Takeaways

Through the Agile Web Design process, we will continuously review, test, evaluate and uplift sections of the site as necessary, as well as report all findings along the way in this Case Study. You can also learn more about the benefits of Agile Web Design, including its affordability with regard to large scale design projects.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence, ensuring that our clients receive superior service. This undertaking allowed us to view our services and skills from a client standpoint, ultimately allowing us to further hone our offerings to better serve our clients and partners.

  • 200% increase in Mobile Speed
  • 72% increase in Conversions
  • 149% increase in Average Session Duration

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