Google Rating


Key Achievements

Increased organic traffic by 450%.


Stingose is an extremely fun brand to work with, with many possible avenues of creative design to explore. They showed promise in the quirky header banner, but the rest of the site wasn’t living up to its potential. We were extremely keen to give this site a makeover, and after achieving good results using SEO, we were given the opportunity to implement a redesign. It was also an opportunity to flex our UX and CRO muscles. The old site lacked a distinct pathway through the website, and the user experience was seriously being hindered.


We restructured and reformatted the website with a better design to appeal to the audience. We created clear pathways, and enhanced the user experience by adding more features to the homepage. This also allowed us to implement a store locator that could not only be tracked more effectively, but could also be found easily by the user.


Sometimes, it’s not about creating new content: it’s about working with what you’ve already got, and using it in a different way. It’s amazing what some reorganisation can do. The site looks and feels like a million dollars.

* Stingose has very clearly defined seasonal periods as it is a summer product (Oct – March) therefore we measured website visibility at a touch point in the peak season of Dec 2019 compared to the touch point of Dec 2020