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PPC: Lexis Nexis BIS UK

Data Highlights

  1. Leads up 75%
  2. Cost per lead decreased by 35% at Media Intelligence, Due Diligence


LexisNexis is a large legal research firm who came to us for SEO services across multiple countries. LexisNexis Business Insights Solution UK division were looking to use search and display advertising to drive qualified leads in addition to the leads they receive from the events they run. Vine Digital has worked with LexisNexis for many years.


1) Top of funnel offers

LexisNexis services are complex B2B solutions which aren’t the sort of services that people will sign up for without undertaking a considerable amount of research. Therefore, we focused on offering people whitepapers, guides and checklists which are top of funnel offers with a lower level of commitment.

We aligned the whitepapers, guides and checklists to use case cases of LexisNexis complex services. The top funnel offers were targeting higher intent keywords and audiences which resulted in a high number of qualified prospects entering the purchase funnel.

2) Reviewing internal lead data and matching to AdWords data

In order to increase the number of qualified leads and ensure that we didn’t get a high number of people downloading the whitepapers, guides and checklists who didn’t have the intention to take the next step.

We reviewed LexisNexis internal data against the AdWords conversion data so that we could put a greater focus on the keywords, audiences, time of day, locations and ads which were generating a higher number of qualified leads.

3) Utilising Google’s newest features

We put an emphasis on testing Google’s newest features which were relevant to LexisNexis’s campaigns. We tested a range of in market audiences (groups of people who have high intent to buy) and a number of different responsive display ads which allowed us to spend more on the audiences and ads which were generating a higher of leads.