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Key Achievements

Following the implementation of a content expansion, organic traffic to Lebara’s site increased 790% over the following six month period.

12 months graph: 0 – 23700/month in 12 months.

6 months graph. 790% increase in organic traffic.


Lebara has been a Vine Digital client for many years, over which time we’ve assisted the SIM card company in many SEO, PPC and programmatic advertising campaigns. Lebara Mobile operates in the peak seasons of summer, and off-peak from March to October.


For this campaign, our SEO specialists and content marketing experts created 100+ new pages on the Lebara website, to organically rank for informational searches in different countries. To increase organic growth, Vine Digital produced an effective SEO content strategy which ensured that the relevant audiences were retargeted with the client’s paid ads.


Lebara’s dedicated SEO specialist conducted a content expansion analysis within the industry, to identify content gaps between Lebara and their competitors. Our team assisted Lebara in the creation of the following:

  1. Creating the design mockup for the page template.
  2. Providing recommendations on how to structure the content from a UX perspective.
  3. Optimising the page to be user and SEO friendly.
  4. Facilitating the implementation of over 100 new pages.


In the span of six months, the organic results generated by that section exploded from 3100 clicks to a peak of 23700 clicks per month. That is around 790% of growth, and it is still growing.

Lebara’s marketing manager has said that they are very happy with the continued organic growth, and that they are “very pleased to engage us as their partner agency”.