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216% growth in conversions for top telecommunications organisation

Lebara is an Australian SIM and mobile plan provider, with the international community as a key target audience. The client approached Vine Digital for paid search advertising services; we achieved a 216% increase in conversion rate.

Case Study at a Glance

  • Lebara Mobile operates seasonally, and they were looking to increase their sales via organic channels. Having worked on many projects with Lebara over the years, our experienced paid advertising specialists took decisive action—achieving great results.
  • The client saw a 216% increase in conversion rate, all while halving the spend on brand terms. Vine Digital provided the analysis; Lebara provided the business objectives and promotions to focus on.
  • 141% growth in number of conversions YoY.
  • 116% increase in conversion rate: from 2.22% to 4.80%.

“Vine has been an integral part of our small marketing team and managing our Google search and display ads – the way the projects are managed is spectacular.”

Arjun Vasan
Head of Marketing, Lebara Mobile

Lebara Mobile is an Australian market leader for SIM cards for national and international calls.

Lebara’s peak season is between November and February, and operates off-peak during winter. To increase their conversions, the client engaged our experienced paid search advertising team. This resulted in a cost-effective campaign, where Lebara saw increased sales which boosted their overall ROI.

Key Challenges Solved

The greatest measure of an account’s performance is its conversion rate, and its cost per conversion. Our specialists tackled the challenge of optimising Lebara’s account in this way; we didn’t increase their spend on brand terms. In fact, the spend of brand terms was halved during our time managing the account as we didn’t change the proportion of cost between the brand and general keywords. The majority of promotions was based on the client’s decisions: we provided the analyses, advising which product to focus on. This highlights the importance of campaigns developed in collaboration with the client, as this generally achieves results that closely align with business objectives.


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Elmo Stoop

CEO | Vine Digital – Sydney, Australia

Our Solution

With sound analysis and swift, informed action, we restructured the campaign’s ad group set with the following steps.


As Lebara’s brand name was (and is) extremely competitive, we needed to use this as a keyword as well. We remarketed to these visitors of the brand campaign through the Display Network, and attracted new users and traffic via Affinity Audiences, Google Shopping and general or competitor keywords. These audiences were retargeted on Google Search, Google Shopping and Display Network.


We restructured the client’s account. In the Search campaigns, we created more ad groups for each specific phrase. We used cross exclusions, omitting the irrelevant phrases.


We broke down the Google Shopping campaign by products. Through this, Vine Digital increased the bid of specific products which were highlighted in the current promotion.


On the Display Network, we created different remarketing lists to monitor what was performing best. We targeted devices separately because we understood that the user journey (and conversions) were different depending on device.


We broke location targeting into states and major cities, to improve the ease with which bid adjustments could be made.

Business Impact

As a result of Vine Digital’s services, overall conversions increased in value from $1226.23 to $2952.68. While the client’s ad spend increased by 121%, our specialists halved the Google Ads cost per conversion. This dropped from $32.21 to $16.25 – a 49.54% reduction.

“Vine Digital manages to exceed expectations every single time. We’ve recommended Vine’s services to several businesses, and look forward to working on even bigger projects in the future. Thanks once again for being the core of our digital team.”

Arjun Vasan
Head of Marketing, Lebara Mobile

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