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Key Achievements

  1. 23.13% YoY increase in users
  2. 43.58% YoY increase in sessions
  3. 22 new keywords in top 3 positions on Google


The Australian wing of the Lebara brand has been running for 10 years. At the start of their journey they launched two websites: and was their Magento e-commerce platform where users could avail of mobile plans, and was a WordPress brochure website designed to provide content and information. This approach was a business decision at the time, but it created a disconnect in the user journey. Lebara wanted one platform, one domain, and one seamless user experience. When they approached Vine Digital, they were also going through a rebranding exercise, and it was our job to recommend an optimal CMS, improve the design and UX, accommodate their new branding, retain both domains’ traffic, allow their internal teams more control over their content, and improve SEO performance. Quite a challenge, but this type of complexity and potential for results is exactly where we can shine.


We knew that Magento was overkill for what Lebara offered. Magento is a great platform for huge e-commerce stores, but not for a business that only sells a dozen or so mobile plans and SIM cards. We knew that WordPress and WooCommerce was the more sensible choice, and it would also allow their teams to easily manage their offerings.

The website design and UX was of critical importance. Both of the previous websites were looking very dated and their new branding was looking very slick; it needed to be housed on an equally impressive website. The design project encapsulated the true spirit of teamwork between client and agency. Each team had their own own goals, but the vision was entirely united. And it shows in the final product.

Once the design was completed, the SEO tweaks and the migration management became our next challenge. Merging two domains has the potential for causing harm to traffic numbers. When we conduct such a large migration, we often make traffic preservation a key KPI. But the Lebara project far exceeded this and actually improved traffic to a significant degree. This type of success is testament to our team’s abilities to achieve safe yet ambitious results across both technical and marketing disciplines.


Hire a team that will listen to your goals whilst also having authoritative opinions about various aspects of a project. The best client/agency relationships are those that form an equilibrium of expertise; where the various stakeholders bring things to the table that others cannot.

No project is too complex, you just have to have the right people managing it. Any full-service digital agency worth their salt will spend just as much time in consultation with a client as they do performing a task, and it’s this approach that ensures all bases are covered.