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+131% YoY new organic users

When, a prominent Australian telecommunications company, partnered with our Agency, our primary goal was to increase their organic search visibility and we are proud to say that over the last 5 years we helped Lebara achieve significant SEO milestones.

Case Study at a Glance

  • +131% new organic users year on year in 2022
  • 1.1 Million organic visitors in the last year
  • 652% more keywords ranking in the top 3 positions
  • 125K monthly organic visitors in January 2023 – a record-breaking performance

“We’ve recommended Vine’s services to several businesses, and look forward to working on even bigger projects in the future. Thanks once again for being the core of our digital team.”

Arjun Vasan
Head of Marketing, Lebara Mobile

Lebara is a telecommunications company, and offers some of the lowest international call rates in Australia.

Lebara is a leading telecommunications brand that specializes in offering best value prepaid plans to its customers in Australia and beyond.

The brand is committed to delivering affordable and accessible mobile services that meet the needs of its diverse customer base. With a focus on quality and value, Lebara has become a popular choice for those seeking flexible and cost-effective prepaid mobile solutions.
In addition to its low rates for international calling and messaging, Lebara offers a range of features and services that make it a reliable and trusted choice for prepaid mobile services.

Lebara has been a Vine Digital client for many years: in which time we’ve managed various campaigns in SEO, PPC, web design and programmatic advertising. This campaign focused on organic channels and content.

Key Challenges Solved faced a significant challenge in 2020 when the Covid lockdowns prevented the brand from advertising in supermarkets, which had been an important part of their marketing mix. With the need to increase its online visibility, approached Vine Digital with the goal of expanding its organic reach and attracting more visitors to its site through organic search.

Our team quickly realized that Lebara’s unique selling point of low call rates to a wide variety of countries overseas was not widely known among Australian consumers.

With high competition for more standard keywords like “mobile plan” and “prepaid plan,” we were challenged to come up with an original content strategy that would target people who could become Lebara’s customers.

Through our outside-the-box thinking, we developed a content strategy that aligned with the problems Lebara is solving, such as affordable international calling and targeted relevant keywords to increase Lebara’s visibility in search results.

By doing so, we helped overcome the challenge of decreasing offline visibility and expand its reach in the digital world.


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Elmo Stoop

CEO | Vine Digital – Sydney, Australia

Our Solution

Our team started by conducting thorough research on Lebara’s target audience and their search habits. Through keyword research, we discovered that many Australian consumers were searching for information related to country phone codes, such as +1 for the US or +33 for France, as well as details on popular apps, emergency phone numbers, and the best times to call specific countries from any Australian time zone.

To address this need, we developed a comprehensive content strategy that involved creating over 130 pages of high-quality, informative content. Each page was designed to be highly user-friendly and targeted a specific country, answering the question of “how to call x country from Australia.”

An important aspect of our strategy was leveraging’s authority to rank for topics related to phone calls. By building out this content, we were able to establish as a trusted and informative resource for consumers seeking information on international calling and messaging.

Despite the time and effort required to develop and integrate this content into a user-friendly template, our team remained committed to the strategy, publishing around 80 pages in the first six months and steadily increasing the number of pages over time. It took nearly a year to see traffic from Google, but the impression trend was positive, and we had confidence in our work.

Our perseverance paid off, and we eventually saw confirmation from Google that our content strategy was a resounding success, as the traffic to started to increase rapidly.

We are proud to have played a key role in helping achieve its goals of expanding its online visibility and reaching a wider audience.


Audience Data Analysis

The campaign was built on a strong foundation of data: to start, we focused on the client’s target audience. To effectively generate clicks with Lebara’s content, an in-depth understanding of the user’s needs was crucial.


Keyword Research

Through a detailed semantical and keyword gap analysis, we identified the best keywords and countries to focus on. The new site architecture visualised all pages to be built–including their position and role in the internal linking structure.


Content Marketing

The page template needed to be reproducible and highly informative: all while enshrining UX best practices. Once the template was completed, our specialists wrote and implemented 130 new pages in the space of ten months.


Design & Development

Based on the magnitude of this content strategy, we decided to build out a new section of the website—to purely house informational content.

Additional & Necessary SEO Solutions

Building a Strong and Diverse Link Profile

A key component of our SEO strategy was building a strong and diverse backlink profile to help improve the website’s authority and visibility in search results. To achieve this, we used a range of outreach strategies, including reaching out to websites for non-linked mentions and creating linkable assets such as the “Where Do Aussies Call The Most” and “How To Call X Country” pages.

Our efforts paid off, and we were able to achieve significant success in acquiring new backlinks for the site. We saw a dramatic increase in referring domains, from approximately 450 to over 1,000. This growth in backlinks has helped to establish Lebara as a trusted source of information and a leader in the pre-paid mobile market.

Ensuring Site Crawlability and SERP Visibility

At Vine Digital, we know that technical SEO is crucial to the success of any SEO campaign. That’s why we implemented a range of technical fixes to make sure that Lebara’s website was optimized for search engines. These included:

Conducting regular technical checks to identify and fix any technical issues that were preventing the website from being properly crawled and indexed by search engines. Implementing schema markup to provide search engines with more detailed information about the website’s content and structure.

Optimizing the website’s page speed to improve the user experience and reduce bounce rates. Ensuring that the website was mobile-friendly and responsive, as this is a key ranking factor for search engines. Creating an XML sitemap to make it easier for search engines to crawl and index the website’s pages. We also made sure to optimise the site’s internal linking structure. This includes creating a logical hierarchy of pages and ensuring that every page on the site is reachable with just a few clicks from the homepage.

By implementing these technical fixes, we were able to improve the website’s crawlability and ensure that it was displaying correctly on the SERPs. This ultimately helped to improve Lebara’s visibility in search results and drive more organic traffic to the website.

“Vine has been an integral part of our small marketing team, and managing our SEO and Google search and display ads – the way the projects are managed is spectacular, and the delivery of our website was well above our expectations.”

Arjun Vasan
Head of Marketing, Lebara Mobile

Business Impact

Our SEO specialists and content marketers implemented a highly successful campaign which led to increased SERP visibility and higher monthly traffic.

6 months: 790% increase in organic traffic.

12 months: 850% increase in organic monthly traffic. This figure continues to grow today.

January 2023: 125K monthly organic visitors – a new record

2022 vs 2021: +131% organic new users

2022 achievements 1.1M organic users

2023 achivements: +652% more keywords ranking in the top 3 positions


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