Google Rating

SEO: Dissolve Company Liquidators

Key Achievements

  1. 2.6X increase in organic traffic*
  2. Significant increase in organic keyword ranking**
  3. 2.8X increase in significant actions taken on website***


Dissolve are a company liquidation firm. When they approached us their organic ranking and traffic had experienced a recent decrease. Their existing SEO agency was unable to diagnose and improve the site performance so that relationship had not worked out.

Due to the nature of their business, organically driven visits have lots of potential to expose their brand to relevant clients. So they were looking to reverse the downward trend and initiate a positive movement in results.


Part of the key to succeeding with Dissolve was a deep understanding of the fundamentals of search and intent. Over time Google can change the angle of queries, understanding them differently or thinking that users are meaning a different thing. We used our understanding of search and intent paired with empirical data derived from thorough keyword research to set the foundation of a new strategy. This strategy was implemented and with follow-up optimisations became highly successful.

Throughout the lifetime of the campaign, as with many of our clients, we pursued a large number of various SEO-based projects successfully, including a full site redesign in later years.

The Dissolve results have continued to be positive and have trended upwards for several years. Dissolve has stayed with us for over 4 years as their SEO partner.

*measured from beginning of campaign to peak, a period of 3+ years. Growth was consistent throughout that time.