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280% increase in conversions for leading company liquidators

Insolvency Solutions Group offer services under various brands, including Dissolve. Dissolve was looking for an experienced partner able to navigate the insolvency niche online: our work led to a 280% increase in conversions on their website.

Case Study at a Glance

  • Insolvency Solutions Group is the parent company of Dissolve. Dissolve provides insolvency solutions, operating in the B2B finance and legal niche.
  • After seeing a downturn in traffic and rankings, Dissolve approached Vine Digital to turn things around. As a result of our SEO services, the client’s conversions almost tripled.

“Vine has been terrific. Great work, delivered on time and pricing has always been reasonable. I’ve used Vine on a variety of digital projects and they have always been excellent. I can recommend them!”

Cliff Sanderson
CEO, Dissolve Company Liquidators

As a company liquidation firm, Dissolve needs to adhere to many regulations online.

The finance industry is heavily governed by guidelines and bodies such as ASIC: so it was important that they found an SEO partner with the appropriate expertise. Insolvency Solutions Group approached Vine Digital with the task of increasing their on-page conversions.

Key Challenges Solved

For Dissolve, there was a great deal of potential in organic search as a channel for qualified traffic. When the client engaged Vine Digital however, their rankings and traffic had experienced a recent decline.

Dissolve was looking to reverse the downward trend and initiate a positive movement in results. Their existing SEO agency was unable to diagnose and improve the website’s performance, so that relationship had not worked out.


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Elmo Stoop

CEO | Vine Digital – Sydney, Australia

Our Solution

To successfully revive Dissolve’s traffic, a deep understanding of search and intent was required. Over time, Google changes the angle of its queries: it’s important to stay up-to-date with these shifts. Users may understand a query one way to begin with, only to mean a completely different thing down the line. We based the new strategy on our understanding of these SEO fundamentals, paired with empirical data gathered in keyword research.

Business Impact

Once the strategy was implemented, Dissolve saw an immediate uptick in results—including a significant uptick in keyword ranking, which resulted in a 260% traffic increase.

Our team bolstered these benefits for the long-term: conducting follow-up optimisations to ensure continued success. Below is one example of this: where the client saw a 280%* increase in on-page conversions.


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