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  1. 115% increase in organic traffic*


ChildFund came to us in February 2017. They needed help updating their CMS, and integrating some new designs to coincide with a campaign they would soon be launching. Upon delving into the backend, we quickly realised that this was no simple task. ChildFund had gone through several digital managers and development teams, each with their own methods of managing a complex website. The result was a tangled web which was near impossible to work through—and their traffic was declining because of it.

Raising this issue wasn’t difficult; the current team knew they had inherited a largely unserviceable website. Our recommendation was to start again from scratch. And so, we did.

For extremely complex backend functionalities, we often join forces with our sister company, Noise Birds, who have extensive experience in developing sites for major international corporations. Our skill sets are a match made in heaven: Noise Birds can develop and build anything you can dream of, and we make sure the UX, design, SEO, and CRO are the best they can be.


We suggested WordPress/WooCommerce as the best CMS for ChildFund. For years, they had used Drupal. As much as Drupal is a fine CMS, we were much more confident that WordPress and WooCommerce could handle ChildFund’s complex needs. ChildFund needed all sorts of functions on their site: child sponsorship, gifts to be sent to various countries, repeat orders, and customised recommendations.

The end result? An easy to manage website in a simple CMS, and a clean, professional new design! Upon the launch of the new website, ChildFund’s traffic recovered. Twelve months on, it had grown 1.5x and continues to grow to this day.


Keep your CMS updated! Plugins and CMS versions have regular releases, and it’s essential that you install them to keep everything ticking over. Otherwise, it’ll get to the point where the site can’t be cleanly updated without a complete overhaul. But it’s good to know that with expert help, even the most complex scenarios have a solution.

* measured over the 12 month measurement period since launch date