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Key Achievements

In just one month, Boori’s PPC campaign drove a 5.52x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). The client was exceedingly happy with the growth of online sales and as a result, doubled their ad spend in the following month.


Vine Digital has partnered with Boori for almost two years. In this period, campaigns have centred on driving sales and brand awareness—across both their physical retail stores and online. Boori is a baby and children’s furniture brand that focuses on sustainable materials and expert craftsmanship. They were named as the ‘Best Ethical Brand’ in 2019 by ‘Loved by Parents’ and were the first nursery brand to achieve Greenguard’s prestigious Gold Certification for their nursery-friendly paint finishes.


As a result of COVID-19 lockdowns, the focus of the client’s priorities shifted towards:

  1. Driving online sales.
  2. Improving brand awareness and sales for their newer lines of kids and teens products, as they are already well established for their babies products.
  3. Improving brand awareness in ACT, Adelaide and Brisbane.


Our paid advertising specialists provided expertise to help Boori restructure their PPC campaigns. Vine Digital took the approach of categorising each product from low to high priority items, creating targeted campaigns around each group of products. The campaigns were split to target specific regions with certain goals and customers in mind. Our team focused on driving awareness and sales across various markets, previously untapped by the client.


In the first month of the restructure, we drove a total of 266 conversions at a Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) of 5.52. This resulted in the client getting 5.52 times their investment value back in sales value, within 30 days.